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Why Us?

Why should you devote your precious hours to this opportunity as opposed to anything else that is out there? Lert's start by the fact that Winning opportunities are created by successful leaders. Joel Therien has PAID MORE THAN $30M in commissions since he founded his first MLM company over 10 years ago. Here is why that is important, it is more than just a proven track record. THIS opportunity is 10 years in the making and represents every single thing he has ever learned in MLM, let's hear from Joel.

"I have worked hard for the last 10 years and have learned a ton! In the last 2 years I made more money that I did in the first 8 combined and that is because I have finally mastered the system to making money online. 7minuteworkout represents the very best of everything I have ever done and it starts with commissions... I have learned that the more money I pay out to more people, the more money I make. I want to make this the opportunity that allows me to pay out more than $100 million is just a single year. I know I will do it and this is the vehicle that will make it happen"

There is no one thing that makes success. It is many things and therefore there are many things that require us to be the best. We have left no detail to chance on this project. Joel has recruited the very best trainers, coaches and marketers to be involved with the front line work that goes into a successful project like this. Human resources are among our most valuable assetts and a prime example is Joel's recruitment of our company President, Chris Reid.

Chris was lured away from his successful Martial Arts Instruction and Promotion business to join 7minuteworkout and help co-found the program. A Master Instructor and communictor, he had already personally trained 5 World Champions and had won a World Championship himself in 2004. His understanding of how to instruct and communicate information is second to none and Joel knew he needed this component on his team.

Master Marketers like Russell Brunson, Stone Evans, Mike Hobbs, Mark Call and so many others work with the members to make this opportunity pay off. Joel himself works with his teams and membership to teach and lead others who aspire to achieve the same lifestyle as he has. Not everyone wants a mansion, boat and Ferrari but those who do....well, you are in the right place at the right time. Join our team!

Why the 7minuteworkout System Works!

You are likely used to reading incredible statements only to find out the statement was a play on words and really nothing more than a trick! We claim that our system will get you into the best shape of your life in just 7minutes, 3 times per week....the only misleading part there is that we don't "claim" it to be true....we GUARANTEE it!!

You clicked to learn more because you want some proof that it does work and of course some information about why it works.

Let's start with the proof that it does work by offering you a glimpse at some of the testimonials from our beta tester group....that's right, this is a brand new program that you WILL hear a lot about as people learn about our system and why other systems have lead to nothing more than failures....not YOUR failure, THEIR failure! Did you know that according to Forbes magazine, the fitness industry is the only growth industry in America where 98% of its customers fail!? Incredible right!?

Listen to what our beta testers have to say about our program and then we will explain more about why you hate exercise, how the fitness industry has failed YOU (no, it is not the other way around like they try to make you believe) and how you can get into the best shape of your life in 7minutes, 3 times per week with our program....GUARANTEED!

How can we improve without adequate time for recovery? A medical operation may take 1 hour to perform, yet the recovery process is where the real improvement is made and can often take 6 months! In our case, the muscle breakdown is fully achieved in 7 minutes or less and the recovery period lasts 10 days.

It sounds too good to be true....have a look at our CEO and Founder, Joel Therien as he looks today at 39 years old.

He has followed this system since he was a teenager and as an active father of 3 and a CEO of a large company with over 100 employees, he can stay in great shape while other athletes his age struggle with chronic pain. He has no time for anything other than a short training program due to the time restraints that we all deal with.

People who have been turned away from exercise are some of the strongest most disciplined people in the world! People who enjoy the pain caused by over training have little tolerance for things they dislike. Ask them to take a 1 hour walk and they won't want to. Yet, we see many people who have been turned off by what the fitness industry presents adopt a routine where they take 1 hour walks every day for years! The reason people quit is because they do not see the results they are hoping for. This is natural....walking is transportation, not really exercise.

These people have also been able to overcome the incredibly powerful emotions caused by over training and keep trying....again and again!! They should feel like champions of perseverance...NOT like the lazy bums the fitness industry make them feel like!

This is the good news....and one of the reasons our program has had so much success with our testers. If you have ever done an activity that you hated because you thought it was good for are a machine of determination! You have used will power to beat down emotions that have been trying to turn you away. Let us present an exercise routine that you will actually enjoy! Imagine a routine where you feel more energy after you finish working out than you had before! Imagine a routine where you can get the absolute best benefit possible for your muscles in just 7minutes 3 times per week! If you have ever been able to do a routine that you hated more than once...that strength will make our program something you can stick with for life! Motivation comes quicky with our system simply because you feel great when you finish your workouts and you will see improvement right away! You will notice an increase in strength and appearance....our members look forward to working out instead of dreading it!

As you can see, we are extremely confident in our program. It is not a belief in our system as much as it is a certainty. Our program founders are living proof that it works for top level athletes and our testers prove that it works for people who have stated they were never able to follow other programs before ours.

The only thing left is to give it a try. We know that people have to see to believe. We are so confident you will realize the greatness of our system, we can offer you a 100% no questions asked 30 day money back we remove all risk to you!

Accept our guarantee and join the fitness revolution today! Together, we will overcome the obesity epidemic through education and methods that work! Give our program a try right now!

Traci DiDomenico

Thank-you Joel! I took your course and now I pay my mortgage with money generated online!

Chris Reid

Joel, I adopted your approach to business and it changed my life! Thanks bro!!

Mark Call

Amazing information Joel, I am an expert online marketing coach already but I never heard online marketing explained any easier…wish I heard this 10 years ago!

Stone Evans

I made $14,000 my first Month using Joel’s system. Thanks Joel!

Ned Rae

Joel, I am an old pro in home based business and I recommend your course to anyone and everyone expert and beginner….Thanks for putting it out there!