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Melissa Cohoe

I am still on my journey, but I have lost 48 lbs,
7minutes really works...!

Wayne Sharer

Just seven minutes every other day of exercises
will change everything about how you feel!

Deb Lane

Anybody at any fitness level for any age can
benefit from this program.

Dereck Celis

You don't have to spend a lot of time in gym;
make it easy -- get on board of 7MinuteWorkout

Coach Reins

What impresses me most about 7MinuteWorkout
is the intensity I'm able to achieve.

Katherine Hanneman

I've gotten really good results. I lost 9 inches off the top part of my body.

Mike Reid's Story, Unbelievable results in 9 weeks!

Here is my story. My name is Mike Reid.

I went home to Ottawa for my 40th birthday this past September. My dad confronted me and asked me what am I going to do about my obesity. I told him, don't worry, I will handle it.

I always figured that I could do this on my own. I would eat better and exercise. That was a lie. Sure I would eat better at meals,but I would eat potato chips and chocolate bars.

I was obsessed with the scale and would get discouraged by not losing weight. I would be so discouraged that I would actually eat more. I was having difficulty sleeping and always waking up with a migraine. I mentioned this to my doctor and he referred me to a sleep specialist for an at home pulse oximetry test. I returned to my doctor a couple of weeks after the appointment. He told me that I had one of the worst cases of sleep apnea he had ever seen.

I stopped breathing 157 times in 7 hours of sleep for a total of 108 seconds. I have also been taking blood pressure medication, my bp at the time was 165 / 108 and my resting pulse was 103. I also was taking medication to control severe acid reflux and a medication to prevent migraines.

This past march, I got a very interesting e-mail from Joel Therien, whom I have known since we were kids, he is two years younger than me. Anyway, this e-mail mentioned a new concept in exercising. I couldn't believe it when I read the info and watched the video introduction. I couldn't believe that it is possible to lose weight exercising only 7 minutes at a time every other day. Are you serious?

I signed up just to see what the deal was about. There are videos that you can pick and choose depending on your current fitness level.

I started off as a beginner and I found out that the exercise videos are better than any of the other websites that you have seen out there.

You know the ones I mean. Scantily clad women and musclebound models pretending to work out. The videos on feature real people doing actual exercises . You can tell they are not actors, but actual people showing others how to better themselves. I have been working out now for 9 weeks and eating a healthy and restricted diet. Last week I changed my routine to the intermediate level.

Something I never thought I would ever do. Sure I was sore after the first few work outs, but whenever you start a new level your body needs to adjust. Don't give up. To date, I have lost 60 pounds and 48.5 inches in 9 weeks. I am also off all the medication. My bp is now 118/74 and my resting pulse is 76, I encourage everyone to read the blogs, comment and write your own blogs. Document your own journey. You sill find that the more you blog and comment, the more you will gain fro this site.

My journey is different than other people's journey. What works for me, may not work for you. Find what works and stick with it. I can't wait to share this site with the world. This program is so easy to follow and is also a money maker once we go live. My journey is not over, I have a long way to go, but I now know that I could never do this alone.

Thank you Joel and Chris and thank you!

Mike Reid, TODAY!

Additional Testimonials

Bill Shoemaker

With just 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week, it's a no-brainer!

John Dunkerley

Hi guys. Well the body is really coming on... Read More...

Alan Jenkin

When I started the 7 minute workout I could not do pushups... Read More...

Gloria Reibin

I love this program and have now been doing it for a couple... Read More...

James Allen

I started the program in march 2011 with the Beta-Testers... Read More...

This is my honest comment about 7minute workout. Since I started doing my routine training 7 minutes 3 times times per week. I feel much stronger that I never felt before. Although I used some pills before to enhance my strength, But it cannot compare my strength now and I noticed recently that I look more fresh, healthy and I'm in the best shape of my life. When I saw the presentation of scientific evidence between the physique of the runner and the marathoner, I realize that training more hours in gym is a total waste of time, strength and emotional well being. Right now I just smile with my hard headed friends who pretends that they know everything when they were talking about their results and started to ask some questions. This is what I mostly heard of them "We always workout everyday But why we are lagging?" And right now they are following my routine lol. I surely recommend this program to anyone, for health reason, body sculpting, and for your emotional well-being. I include emotional well-being, because when you trained long hours carrying heavy weights, you will feel tired, stress, not happy. In short you are not enjoying your workout anymore. Therefore for me to "Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, and Enjoy Life" I will stake my workout program now... I recommend 7 minute 3 times per week workout routine and one day, I will build my own Fitness Center, Exclusive for 7 minute workout members only Seven is a perfect number, therefore to live a perfect life 7 minute workout is the best choice.


Reuel Benedicto
Proudly 7MWO Member

When I started the 7 minute workout I could not do pushups. One or two with my knees on the ground, and my arms gave out. Five months later I manage 10 real pushups: I'm excited for two reasons - the improvement in strength, and the fact that it took five months. I have made many attempts at strength training, but have always quit after a week or two. I found 3 sets of 20 reps of each exercise boring and I didn't seem to get anywhere. Now my workouts are quick, I feel better afterward and know I am making progress. I look forward to the workouts instead of dreading them. And 3 times a week of 7 minutes doesn't burn too much time. This is also the first time my wife has joined me in an exercise program, and the first time she has stuck to one for more than a week or two. A while before she started the 7 minute workout, she was scheduled for shoulder surgery. Due to travel, she postponed the surgery, intending to reschedule after our trip. The problem eased, so she decided to wait. She suddenly remembered this last week, when doing shoulder exercises that would have been impossible a few months ago. Seeing how the program works for her and me, as well as others who are doing it, I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or lose weight. It works!
I love this program and have now been doing it for a couple of months. My strength has improved dramatically. Where 10 lb weights were a challenge, I'm now using 80 lbs on my legs and increasing every week on my arms and shoulders. I wasn't fat when I began, but still lost about 6 lbs and had a waist that went from 31" to 26.5 and still getting smaller. Couldn't be happier.
I started the program in march 2011 with the beta testers; and boy am I glad I did! As you taught us in the several weekly webinars, we only need to make small changes to make a huge fitness difference in our lives. First You told us about the workout and how you and Chris became world class athletes using this technique. Even now I can still hardly believe it...that we only have to workout 7 minutes every other day to be in great shape!

Then you gave us a secret that so few understand, "Take a daily supplement called Konsyl Psyllium Husk dietary Fiber." So, I take it about and hour before lunch and dinner. This was like the capstone on this system that made my belly fat melt away like it was just ice in the sun. God it was so easy to lose Weight.

Where have you been all my life Joel?? I only wish I had a good before picture so you all would understand what a lifestyle change this program has meant to me. I am stronger. I am thinner. I am sleeping way better than before. I am able to easily push aside foods that are bad for me (when I was most often helpless in the face of cheesecake and various tempting but over-processed foods).

So, I started out at 236 pounds this last winter. And, I just weighed myself yesterday and I'm now at 186 lbs (for the first time in 20 years). OK, I need to be honest here; I did already lose about 10 lbs. before March. But I was stuck there at 226 and couldn't go down any further, only up. Then you, Joel Therien, sent me an email that changed my life (inviting me to join the 7minuteworkout as a beta tester).

I could go on, but I'll just attach a couple pictures and one last time tell you that the new 7 Minute Workout has completely transformed my life, and MANY others that I talk to in the 7MW forum. Please join me in spreading the good news that all you really need, to get in the best shape of your life, is the 7 Minute Workout system.
Hi guys. Well the body is really coming on. Two years ago I almost snuffed it. The docs were doubtful I would pull through. Thank God I did. Now I am on the path to better health than I've had for years. I joined the Maverick team and have been feeling better and better each day. I can keep up with my darling 4 year old daughter and my wife keeps running away from me! LOL... When I was sick I weighed 210 179 lbs....and the muscles are beginning to show up. Thank God and the team at 7 Minute Workout for the guidance, love, community and experience.

I am training for a 5K, then a 10k, and my goal is a 1/2 marathon. By Feb 1st 2012 this will have been achieved.
Thanks for your makes all this possible for those who trust. Jump in and give it a shot.

John E Dunkerley....husband, grandad and proud new dad.